This online Toy Business focus has been on developing curiosity, exploration and developing young children's skills with a fun focus. Truly focussed on developing young children through this business with the right toys. This Business donates to charities and also sends to charities in the USA and Australia, numerous toys in their range. Has established a great Brand that can easily be expanded.

Turned over last financial year $500,000 and still growing. Strong net profits and very minimal time each week to run this business.

Started out in the US market and expanded into Australia Amazon, USA Etsy, Australia Catch, eBay, and website online store.

16 Toys, an established strong online brand. Established market presence in chosen markets

- 3+ year positive trading history

- numerous toys with very valuable positive customer reviews (up to over 600, 5 star reviews for individual toys which is extremely valuable in ranking in searches)

- well-established, trusted sourcing, manufacturing, testing, certification, shipping processes and relationships, including certification partners, patent partners

- legal frameworks, policies, processes in Australia and USA

- performance management including easy-to-access real-time online market systems by organisations they work with (eg Amazon, Etsy, catch, eBay, website), plus back office systems.

- working knowledge, experience of the "Amazon way”, The “Etsy way”, etc

- established management support companies/people across advertising, back office support, pricing, etc

- several patents on their own designs

- a patented digital product in the dinosaur bath bomb toy

For further information please contact Senior Business Broker Petros Margaritis on 0416 000 154.

Ref: B14651