The rise of social media platforms has given rise to a new type of celebrity - the Influencer. They have large numbers of engaged followers which makes them an attractive marketing avenue for businesses and brands. Influencer marketing is a multibillion dollar industry and is still growing rapidly.

Social Media Marketing is now one of the most effective ways for businesses to build and promote their brands. Through influencer marketing, businesses are able to reach their target audience as well as promote globally in a cost effective way, as influencers have a global reach.

This business for sale provides a platform for both social influencers and businesses/brands to capitalise on their presence in the social media space. This agency specialises in influencer management and marketing for the US market - representing their clients in the social media arena. It manages clients day to day, facilitates brand/music partnerships and provides advice and guidance for continued growth in the industry. This is a fantastic opportunity to acquire an Australian based business that represents clients in the US market- giving you a piece of the American Pie!

Influencer marketing is highly effective at driving brand awareness, engagement and sales which has led to increased investment in influencer marketing campaigns by brands of all sizes. This agency facilitates the partnership between brands and the influencer talent - providing influencers that match their brand image and promote their brands through social posts with captivating content.

With active commission type fees as well as passive subscription fees, this business has grown into a 7-figure revenue business in just 3 years. Currently has 16 exclusive clients and additional non exclusive talent. This business has built strong relationships with influencers and has an extensive and reputable global contact list - which will be passed on to the new owner(s).

There is still potential for growth with new revenue streams such as event management services or merchandise.

The business can be run from a home - there are no restrictions in terms of location for the potential new owner.

Well suited for a vibrant, people person with their finger on the pulse of the social media space. Some experience in marketing may be beneficial.

For more information about this exciting opportunity, contact Elle Likopoulos on 03 9566 7300.

Ref: B14529