On sale is a manufacturing copacking and distribution business, producing high-quality and delicious live and activated organic nuts, seeds, nut butter/spreads, muesli and granolas. This business activates raw nuts and seeds and then dehydrates them, creating delicious and healthy crisp products which can be enjoyed as a healthy snack or used in cooking or baking. The vendor has refined the process to produce a high-quality, delicious and healthy product. They also offer some co-packing to selected customers.

Raw nuts naturally contain chemicals called enzyme inhibitors, which affect the body’s ability to break down and utilize the vitamins and minerals in the nuts and seeds. The activation process breaks down these inhibitors, making the nuts and seeds more digestible and releases the vitamins and minerals for absorption.

As more people learn about the health benefits of activated nuts and seeds, the demand for these products is growing at a fast pace. Activated foods are now sold in all health food stores in Australia along with hundreds of supermarkets.

The business comes fully set up with excellent relationships with suppliers for organic seeds and nuts and all the equipment needed for the activation and dehydration process, as well as branding, packaging, website, domain and customer and distributor base. There are also standing contracts with two of Australia’s largest retail groups.

Turning over approx. $250,000 per annum. The manufacturing facility is currently located in the Mornington Peninsula and the vendor pays only $781 per month for rent of shared premises. However, the business can be relocated.

This is an easy business to own and operate, with loads of potential - there are many more health food stores that could be stockists of these products.

The business has very high margins and is currently operated by the owner working approx 2 to 3 days per week.

If you are passionate about sustainable and organic foods or looking for a good investment opportunity, this is the business for you.

For more information contact Chris Panagiotidis on 0433 582 533 or Elle Likopoulos on 03 9566 7300.

Ref: B14263