This Business has developed an industrial high-density inventory storage system for small-to-medium components, designed to help maximise floor space, minimise picking time, and enable improved productivity.

All the hard and expensive work of designing and perfecting both the hardware and software of this modular storage system has been done. Now this business is looking for an entrepreneur to take it to the next level. This business is now ready for expansion and to be marketed to a wider customer base. There is plenty of scope for further growth if new owners invest in mass production in a factory.

New owners do not need specific skills to own and run this business. Vendors are happy to train and/or stay on as consultants.

This storage system offers many benefits to organizations or industries needing to store and retrieve small to medium sized components. The benefits include:
Space saving
Reduced labour requirements
Increased picking speed
Improved picking accuracy
Improved picking output

Industries that use this system include:
Third party logistics
Fasteners and industrial supplies
Mechanical engineering
Food and beverage
Healthcare and hospitals
Defence warehousing and logistics

There is plenty of scope for further growth of this business.

Most excellent opportunity for investors or an established company looking to expand their product and service range.

For more information contact Chris Panagiotidis on 0433 582 533 or Elle Likopoulos on 03 9566 7300.

Ref: B14256