Unemployed and over 35? What can you do to secure a job in this recession?

Photograph: James Gourley/AAP

With restrictions in Victoria still looming and Melbournians stuck within 5km of their home, many over the age of  35 have lost sleep since the Treasurer stood up in Parliament and announced their plans to recover from this recession.

The Budget outlined a number of tax cuts, apprentice support programs, training and incentive packages for employers to hire under 35’s from the Job Seeker program. The speech Mr Frydenburg gave was encouraging and confident. The Government seemed to understand and acknowledge the impact of this pandemic on Australian families and small business.  

I couldn’t help but wonder however if anyone else noticed the huge elephant in the room? 

What happens to everyone over the age of 35 who have lost their job or stand to lose their job next year?

Consider an individual in their 50’s who works part-time in retail. 

They have no other skill set, aside from retail and English may not be their first language. With the retail sector being hit so hard, many will face job loss once Job Keeper is cut in March 2021. 

What is the real possibility this individual in their 50’s has of finding another job next year? 

 They will be competing with under 35’s who could save their employer up to $200 per week of their wages with the new Budget announcement. 

The employer can hire a young person out of Job Seeker, give them 20 hours or more and pay them less out of their own pockets. What real chance does that over 50’s individual really have?

The idea of re-training and giving the older community new skill sets sounds good in theory, but that won’t pay the bills in the meantime and there’s no guarantee of a job after that for them either. 

Buying a small business may be one of the quickest and most effective options to secure people over the age of 35 that find themselves unemployed recover out of this recession. 

Small business has taken a big hit from the pandemic but the Government has made it clear they are aware of this and aim to support them in order to get out of this recession. 

There are more tax cuts and safety net support systems around small businesses than there has ever been before. 

This is a rare opportunity to secure a business for a fraction of the usual prices pre-COVID. A business that has the ability to generate stable and secure income as well as give you the dignity of being your own boss in this stage of your life.

Never owned a business before and don’t even know where to start?

 If 2020 has taught us anything, it has shown us how resilient and adaptable we are! There are businesses on the market that only require a basic skill set that most would already possess and come with a support team of staff.  

This could be a good opportunity to change your life and try something new. So many of the over 35’s have been too caught up in working and very rarely have taken the time to do something they love for themselves. This could be the chance to enter an industry you’ve always been interested in or own a business that makes you happy and fulfils you.

Our Business Brokers can sit down with you over zoom to discuss your needs and customise a strategy for you to find a suitable business. 

If we don’t have a business for you we can act as your representative to handle negotiations for other businesses on the market as well as approach vendors to consider a sale if their business matches your checklist.

It can be a scary time to make such a huge life change at this stage of life but in discomfort, growth occurs. 

Our agents can hold your hand through the entire process and ensure you make the right investment for your future and financial security.

#BUYAJOB is a movement to help Australian’s secure their own destiny and be in control of their own financial security.  Take hold of your life today and give us a call!

Are you thinking of selling your business?

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