5 Important Factors to Take into Account When Investing in a Manufacturing Business for Sale

5 Important Factors to Take into Account When Investing in a Manufacturing Business for Sale


Manufacturing businesses are growing in popularity owing to their ability to adapt to changing market conditions. During the pandemic, they were among the first few to quickly adapt and reshape their business models to meet consumer demands. This is why investing in manufacturing businesses for sale is a lucrative option for business buyers across Australia.


Whether you are looking to pave your way into the industry or are already well-established and looking to expand your business portfolio, buying an existing manufacturing business for sale can be perfect for you.


But, how can a potential buyer like you evaluate a manufacturing business’ true worth? To assist you, our knowledgeable business brokers have listed the five key characteristics you must consider to assess an acquisition's potential.


Factors to Consider Before Investing in a Manufacturing Business


Below are the top five factors that will make buying a manufacturing business for sale a fortunate endeavour.


Profit Margin


A profit margin is a profitability ratio that tells whether or not a company is profitable. Profit margin can be calculated by subtracting the cost of goods sold (COGS) from total revenue and dividing the result by total revenue. Knowing the current business' profit margin will enable you to assess its health and assist you to determine buying pricing. Additionally, it will also help you understand problematic areas and come up with effective solutions for them.


Raw Material


When deciding whether to buy an existing manufacturing business for sale, one of the key considerations is the rising cost of raw materials and the difficulty in obtaining them. The price of raw materials has an impact on both the amount of product that a business can produce at any given time and the price of the finished product. So, before you throw your hook into this industry, understand the feasibility of the raw material.


Market Competition


In addition to calculating the profit margin and the viability of raw materials, one must also assess the competition. Check if any other manufacturing businesses or well-known manufacturing businesses are providing similar services. If so, comprehending the competitor’s business strategies and what they are offering will help you develop a better strategy for your business and make it more profitable.


Status of Important Personnel


Most businesses have one or more key personnel who are essential to their success. Depending on the type of manufacturing industry, some key employees might be challenging to replace. Make sure that key employee retention strategies are included in your business acquisition plan. Additionally, provisions addressing current employee benefits and how they will be managed should be included in the agreement (i.e., the seller pays out existing employee benefits).


Unique, Marketable Products


Ensure the manufacturing business for sale is producing high-quality goods that garner positive customer feedback and repeat business. To find out a business’s standing in the manufacturing industry, read customer reviews. Consider carefully whether the customer base is anticipated to expand or the very least remain stable when purchasing a manufacturing business that produces goods for a niche market to ensure continued business. 


Contact a Business Broker


Buying an existing manufacturing business for sale can be a laborious task that requires a thorough background check, financial audits, document verification, competitor analysis, checking raw material feasibility, and more.


However, you can steer clear of this and concentrate on growing your business by hiring certified business brokers in Australia!


Absolute Business Brokers have been in the industry for a long time and understand the market. We have competent business brokers to provide you with the best offers based on your needs and budget.



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