6 Things to Know Before Investing in a Florist Business for Sale

6 Things to Know Before Investing in a Florist Business for Sale

Fresh-cut flowers can add a touch of elegance to any occasion. From birthdays to weddings to more solemn events such as funerals, flowers can evoke a wide range of feelings and emotions.

Studies have shown that the Australian flower industry has performed substantially well in the recent past and is expected to be even better in the next five years. Furthermore, the growing popularity of online shopping and product enhancements has piqued the interest of several Australian investors.

If you feel tempted and want to invest in an existing florist business for sale, here are a few things to consider.


What to Consider Before Purchasing a Florist Business for Sale

Whether you invest in an online florist business or a more conventional florist business for sale, you should consider the following points:



The right supply of fresh flowers to your arsenal will ensure you are prepared to create the ideal bouquet for any occasion.

Finding the ideal fresh flower supplier who complements and supports your business goals will help you establish a successful and long-lasting working relationship for years. Not to mention your customers will be pleased to receive the finest stems and blooms available.


Client Base

You would want to have some ideas for how you want to position the business after acquiring it. You should also consider the current clientele of the existing business. Does the store offer a variety of lovely flowers to suit various occasions and holidays, or is it best known for elaborate floral arrangements and wedding bouquets? Make sure you have a good idea about the client base beforehand.



Before purchasing an existing florist business for sale, ask the current employees if they intend to stay. If you do not have a lot of experience as a floral designer, this is essential. Further, existing employees can maintain consistency in flower arrangements while you get used to your new position.


Industry Insights

It goes without saying the key to making your florist business a success lies in understanding how the flower industry functions. In the floral industry, floral design and flower preparation are two of the most important things along with business management tools. Most business owners learn as they go, but you can have an advantage if you learn this before investing in an existing florist business for sale.


Ongoing Projects

It is crucial to understand if the existing business has made any prior commitments for events like weddings, birthday celebrations, corporate parties, or others. Plus, you also need to check on the deposits made to them.


Supplies and Equipment

Freshly cut flowers alone are not enough for a floral shop. To keep things running smoothly, you will need supplies and equipment in addition to inventory. Be sure to evaluate the condition of the coolers or cold storage units because they represent one of the highest costs in a flower business. If the florist business you are planning on acquiring offers delivery services, you should check if a delivery van is included and, if so, what condition it is in.


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