Phil Booysen

Senior Business Broker

About me

Phil was born and raised in South Africa and lived in New Zealand for over a decade before moving to Melbourne.

Phil is a true jack of all trades, starting his career in Chemical Engineering, Management, Marketing and sales, Owning his own businesses and now a successful Business Broker.

His experience ranges from manufacturing, Management, Marketing and various hospitality businesses.
Phil used to set up small businesses from scratch or purchased run down businesses, fixing them up and sell them again at a profit.
For Phil, it was a natural progression from selling his own businesses to selling other people’s businesses.

Having Phil Booysen as your business broker, you can be assured that you are dealing with a businessman that understands your situation rather than a salesman just trying to make some money out of you.

Being passionate about marketing and Advertising, Phil understands the importance to of creating the most cost effective yet efficient marketing campaign to get the phone ringing. With years of sales experience, Phil can identify the serious buyers from the enquiries and get them to commit.

Phil is a proponent of win/win deals. Honesty and integrity are important to ensure long term relationships and referrals.

Phil is a hungry workaholic that is all about results and will do whatever it takes to sell your business. Phil has built up a strong business network and is actively involved in networking with potential and existing business owners and investor.

Phil is married to his student years sweetheart. They have two lovely boys who keep him busy whenever he is not working.