Petros Margaritis

Company Manager & Partner

About me

Petros has spent years as a business owner himself and dealing with other business owners, as well as would-be business owners, on a daily basis has made him a stronger and more empathetic person, which has reflected in his style and approach as a business broker.

Petros has been a manager of Absolute Business Brokers for 11 years and a company partner for 9 of those. As a licensed real estate agent, he loves the challenge of guiding and helping people move onto the next chapter of their lives, as well as the fun of determining how to sell different types of businesses where there are no real comparables and no bricks and mortar. "A business really is worth only what someone is willing to pay for it (despite generalized industry calculations) and educating people in a sale, on both sides, is a consistent challenge."

Petros believes a business' success rests on its people, no leader on their own can create success, so team building & leading by example is key. There's nothing more satisfying for Petros than to watch his team flourish as individuals and a whole, with strong coaching, understanding & guidance. Petros believes in helping people achieve everything from business analysis, financial & business management, contract negotiation, sales and marketing, vendor liaison, business development, networking, and stakeholder engagement. Petros loves to utilize constantly expanding technology solutions to streamline and work smarter. "I love projects. Identifying a need to upgrade and improve, with research and knowledge growth, in order to learn more and streamline processes for a seamless customer experience. I love to help people, I’m a volunteer Australian Coast Guard and CFA member and adore the ocean and boating. I'm obsessed with cars (the best kind of project!) l love to help others and continuously learn. I love to teach and impart my knowledge. I love to see people grow and succeed around me. As a father, there is no greater leadership challenge and no more rewarding achievement."