Chris Panagiotidis

Company Director

About me

Chris Panagiotidis has had an impressive track record in managing and owning a variety of businesses in hospitality for many years. Chris Panagiotidis successfully negotiated the sale of many of his own businesses for handsome profits, he has intimate knowledge as a business broker not only from a vendor’s point of view but also in assisting prospective purchasers in finding the business that suits their individual needs and expertise. Working in the industry as a business broker has allowed him to build long-time rapport with vendors and buyers.

Chris Panagiotidis constantly achieves success as a business broker for vendors and finds great opportunities for business owners and those who are looking to buy a business as a business broker for the first time. Whatever their circumstances, either immigration or investments, Chris Panagiotidis intimate knowledge as a business broker in the market has provided his clients with invaluable service.
As the Director of Absolute Business Brokers, the company has enjoyed a high level of continual growth, as a direct result of his dedication, honesty, negotiating skills, and ethical approach. Chris has a philosophy that is all about results. A caring husband and father of two, he believes balance is the key to success.