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    The Growing Hunger for a Food Business

      The Growing Hunger for a Food Business Selling food is a hot business in Australia. It's estimated to be worth $200 billion a year, and with the country's taste for cuisines from around the world growing all the time, restaurant and takeaway food businesses are expanding too. But it's not just the restaurants that are benefiting here; specialist food businesses like bakeries and bars a...

    Coin Laundry: The Next Big Business in Australia!

    Coin Laundry: The Next Big Business in Australia!   There are few businesses that have managed to not only stand their ground, but also thrive during the pandemic. Self-service laundries are among these. Coin laundries, as they are also known, are a proven business model in Australia. Estimates by IBIS World peg the revenue of this industry at $2 billion annually. Despite the Covid-19 im...

    The Shifting Gears in the Car Wash Industry

    Technology always seems to be evolving and it continues to bring to light the futures of various sectors. All the way from information technology and communication to automotives, the latest trends in the market help us predict the potential growth chart. This means that the right industries to invest in are always laid out in front of us, and all we need is a gleaning eye to see the best inves...

    The Beauty Boom Gets Bigger

    Looking good has always been important across times and cultures, and this is something that will likely remain the same. It’s the age of lasting first impressions, and we are often perceived by the way we present ourselves. It isn’t surprising then that we have so many people around eager to do all they can to look better, and feel better – right from going to the gym, follow...

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