This business model is to provide fast and reliable internet access and services to remote areas. Currently servicing the Bathurst and Goulburn areas with the ability to expand out and connect more communities.

This internet provider business holds a Carriers License and is building its own network from the ground up.

The company is committed to delivering high speed internet and unlimited data and committed to increasing capacity for any area. This business is building the network for its users and is constantly looking for sites on which to build their towers.

With its customers at the forefront of its business, the company strives to provide a reliable, quality service direct to their customer’s homes and/or businesses.

Average annual turnover of $550,000. This is a home based business, with no rent and no lease.

The business has 2 part time owners working with 4 subcontractors. Owners are happy to stay on for a contracted period to train new owner.

Current owners saw the gap in the internet provider market in the regional areas and started this business in 2018. However, they are technical people and not sales people, hence this business is waiting for someone with marketing and sales skills to take it to the next level. There is huge potential in this business.

For more information please contact Chris Panagiotidis on 0433 582 533 or Elle Likopoulos on 03 9566 7300.

Ref: B14066