Ambitious online entrepreneur wanted!

Experience the coolest recession-proof and Covid-proof business that will triple your profits.

This booming business allows you to set up your own collectibles eCommerce business without having to spend a dollar on getting customers. They are all there, ready for you to start selling them their favourite collectibles.

This business has over 60,000 online members, 80,000 reviews and is ranked a top-rated seller on eBay.

This opportunity is for people who are enthusiastic about selling a wide range of awesome gear. An incredible opportunity to buy an eCommerce business that sells Latex Replica Weapons, Pop Vinyl, Gadgets, Swords, Knives, Camping Items, Man Cave Gear and everything you can think of that is culture-related and over-the-top cool. The full range of collectibles products includes anime and gaming, TV and movies, war, military, sport, and more.

The current sku count is over 49,000 items selling online. As the business does not hold most of the stock, it can offer the best prices and take offers.

The average annual turnover is over $2M, making this an excellent opportunity to jump into a solid, well-arranged online business. The profit margins are consistently high, making this business one of the greatest opportunities to generate income at a fraction of the time and cost! eCommerce global sales grew 16.5% in 2020!

The rent is $50,000 pa, with a 3x3 lease commenced in 2018. There is a full showroom on the warehouse premises.

You will get a fully built website, developed SOPs and an online store that’s consistently upgraded. This business is stable and will continue to generate returns in the future.

Standout Features:

● Control software that locks inventory with suppliers. Items can be sold directly from the suppliers’ warehouse, order in each week and ship out, eliminating dead stock.
● Set handling times. The business is paid by the client in advance and the order is managed through the supplier.
● Container imports create massive profit margins by setting the retail price allowing the business to wholesale hundreds of items while selling retail as well.
● Established global network of 200 wholesale contacts to help create or source what you need, whenever you need it!
● Unbeatable eCommerce reputation through top-rated seller status on eBay.

2021 has been the biggest year yet. After 18 plus years in business and a solid global network of contacts, this business is ready to switch hands.

Perfect for ambitious entrepreneurs looking to scale a solid and lucrative collectible products business. You’ll get a fully functioning business without having to sweat it building an online reputation.

You won’t have to manage inventory or even have to sweat for one more 5-star review. Everything is all ready to blast off!

This is the deal entrepreneurs have been waiting for.

For more information or to arrange a private inspection please contact Senior Business Broker Petros Margaritis on 0416 000 154 or email [email protected]

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