OrangePass, now available for acquisition, is a cutting-edge software platform that empowers businesses to easily gather and store critical data for safety and compliance purposes. This robust system is ideal for venues, offices, construction sites, warehouses, recreational facilities, and more. OrangePass helps ensure that patrons and workers are following your company's safety rules and compliance policies while providing a secure record of their information.

Key Features and Benefits:-

Easy Data Collection: OrangePass enables businesses to gather key data from patrons and workers, including contact information, acceptance of rules, and any pre-existing conditions. This information is securely stored for future reference, helping businesses comply with regulatory requirements.

Venue-Specific Compliance Policies: The platform allows businesses to upload their specific policies, terms and conditions, safety rules, and other important guidelines. This ensures that all patrons and workers are informed and aware of what is expected of them.

User-Friendly Interaction: Patrons entering the venue are required to input their information and accept the venue's rules, making compliance straightforward and transparent. The platform's simplicity enhances the user experience while reducing liability for businesses.

Safety and Liability Protection: With a clear record of who entered your venue and their acceptance of the rules, OrangePass provides a valuable layer of protection against liability. This feature is crucial for industries with strict safety regulations or where safety is a primary concern.

Data Analytics and Insights: The platform's data collection capabilities can offer valuable insights into foot traffic, peak times, and patron demographics, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions for marketing and operational improvements.

OrangePass is a flexible solution suitable for:-

Venues that need to ensure compliance with safety regulations.
Businesses wanting a reliable method to collect and store patron information.
Construction sites that require workers to acknowledge safety guidelines.
Gyms or recreational facilities that need patrons to disclose pre-existing conditions and accept rules.

Reason for Sale:-

The current owner is seeking new business ventures, presenting an opportunity for an interested buyer to acquire a proven and reliable platform. This business has significant growth potential in various industries.

Sale Details:-

Inclusions: The sale includes the complete OrangePass software platform, existing client accounts, intellectual property rights, and ongoing support contracts.
Transition Support: The current owner is committed to providing a smooth transition, offering training and support during the handover period.

For more information or to schedule a confidential discussion, please contact Elle Likopoulos and her team on (03) 9566 7300 or [email protected]

This is a unique opportunity to acquire a leading data collection and compliance management platform with a proven track record.

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