Expression Of Interest

On offer we have an opportunity to acquire an Australian and New Zealand License to revolutionise the way to manufacture a new polymer with wool fibre blend.

The world uses 300 million tons of plastic each year. We can take any wool and bond with any polymer to create pellets or powder, the building blocks of all plastic products. Any company can take our pellets and integrate them into their factory without changing anything.

This is the opportunity to take on this astonishing licensed manufacturing process, patent pending recipe to grow within the plastics manufacturing industry. This savvy investor will be supported by the inventor/entrepreneur to grow this already successful and proven method.

A new plastic product is made by combining wool with corn starch to make products lighter, stronger, harder and more durable. This fiber-rich poly utilises otherwise low-value rough wool, including bellies, sides and odd pieces.

Fully approved process has passed all food grade regulations and testing and is recyclable. Future R&D will be made available to the license holder and will work closely with creator to ensure this is future proof.

Whether you are an investor or own a plastic manufacturing business, this will set you apart and push you into the future as the leader of a new way of plastics manufacturing. You will be able to supply your own products and any other company making plastic products across Australia and New Zealand. Full IM and details will be provided once you speak with Petros.

Learn more by speaking to Senior business brokers Petros Margaritis on 0416 000 154 or email [email protected].