Unlock the door to a prosperous future with this exceptional Body Composition Analysis Business! Utilizing cutting-edge technology, this business empowers clients to embark on their journey to long-term health and fitness.

Situated in a light and modern office space in Rowville, the business operates efficiently with only a few short days a week. With no monthly rental fees, providing a solid foundation for profitability. There is flexibility in continuing in this space or moving to a different location, if this location is too far from home or you have another space you wish to operate out of- the choice is yours!

Seize the opportunity to offer more than just body composition analysis. The growth potential extends beyond the current services. Tap into the demand for nutritional plans and workout guides – as clients are eager for these value-added services or offer the go-to provider for in-house body composition scans, strengthening your position in the market.

Not only do they cater to individual clients, but the business also thrives by offering long and short-term equipment hire to Gyms, Sports Clubs, Businesses, and Personal Training Studios, meaning you can operate the business as a passive income, perfect for investors.

Don't miss your chance to own a thriving business at the forefront of health and fitness technology, which includes established domain, all intellectual property, state of the art equipment, a branded vehicle and a large database.

For more information and to organise an inspection contact Elle Likopoulos on 03 9566 7300.

Ref: B14616