Shail Sapra

Business Broker

About me

Shail has more than 15 years of experience in trading. He started with a Computer trading company and then worked in Corporate Management, Marketing, and Sales. He managed multi businesses together before becoming a successful Business Broker.

He has experience in various industries like import/export, hospitality, retail and e-commerce. Shail helped friends and family to start and expand small businesses from scratch or buy struggling ones, fix them up, and sell them for a profit.

Now, as a Business Broker, Shail helps people sell their businesses. He understands the importance of effective marketing to attract buyers. With their sales experience, he knows how to identify serious buyers and get them interested.

Honesty and integrity are essential to Shail. He believes in making deals in a fair manner should that benefit everyone involved. Building strong relationships and getting referrals are important to them.

Shail is a hard worker and always focused on getting results. He has a wide network of business connections and is actively involved in networking events.

Shail is a party person. Outside of work, Shail enjoys family life with his spouse and two kids. His journey is a mix of resilience, diverse experiences, and a passion for helping others succeed in business. As your business broker, you can trust him to understand your situation and work hard to achieve success together.